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Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports is an Open Access peer reviewed Mega Journal which considers Original Case Reports and Images from all medical related fields like Gynecology, Diabetes, Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Cardiology, Surgery, Oncology etc. The manuscripts which are published in the journal – Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports are freely accessible by researchers, students, and all other people without any subscriptions.

Our Journal promises to publish the best articles with quality double blinded peer review process which contains Editorial Manager System. Review process is performed either by the editorial board member of the respective field or outside experts and it needs at least two author’s approval followed by editor’s approval for the acceptance of any citable manuscripts.

Aims and Scope

  •   Allergy Immunology Case reports
  •   Anesthesiology Case reports
  •   Cancer Clinical Trials
  •   Cardiovascular Case Reports
  •   Clinical Pathological case reports
  •   Nanotechnology case reports
  •   Psychology Case Reports
  •   Clinical Research Bioethics
  •   Clinical Trials
  •   Clinical Reviews
  •   Dentistry Case reports
  •   Oral Medicine Case reports
  •   Dermatology Case reports
  •   Diabetology Case reports
  •   Emergency Medicine Case reports
  •   Critical Care Case reports
  •   ENT Case reports
  •   Endocrinology, Diabetes Case reports
  •   Forensic and Legal Medicine Case reports
  •   Gastroenterology Case reports
  •   Geriatric Medicine Case reports
  •   Gynaecology Case reports
  •   Hematology Case reports
  •   HIV Clinical Trials
  •   Infectious Disease Case reports
  •   Infertility Case reports
  •   Internal Medicine Case reports
  •   Medical Case Reports
  •   Neonatology Case reports
  •   Nephrology Case reports
  •   Neurological Surgery Case reports
  •   Neurology Case reports
  •   Nuclear Medicine Case reports
  •   Nutrition and Dietetics Case reports
  •   Orthopedics Rheumatology Case reports
  •   Otolaryngology Case reports
  •   Pain Management Case reports
  •   Pediatrics Case reports
  •   Pharmacology and Therapeutics Case reports
  •   Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Case reports
  •   Physiotherapy Case reports
  •   Preventive Medicine Case reports
  •   Psychiatry Case reports
  •   Pulmonary Disease Case reports
  •   Radiation Oncology Case reports
  •   Radiology Case reports
  •   Respiratory Medicine Case reports
  •   Sexual Health Case reports
  •   Sleep Disorders Sleep Studies Case reports
  •   Surgical Case reports
  •   Vascular Medicine Case reports
  •   Women’s Health Case reports


Cardiology is a part of medication that manages the scatters of the heart just as certain pieces of the circulatory framework. The field incorporates clinical analysis and treatment of inherent heart abandons coronary vein malady, cardiovascular breakdown, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Physicians who represents considerable authority in this field of medication are called cardiologists, a claim to fame of inner medication. Pediatric cardiologists are pediatricians who spend significant time in cardiology. Physicians who have some expertise in the cardiovascular medical procedure is called cardiothoracic specialists or heart specialists, strength the general medical procedure.


Hematology additionally spelled hematology, is the part of medication worried about the investigation of the reason, visualization, treatment, and anticipation of ailments identified with blood. It includes treating maladies that influence the creation of blood and its segments, for example, platelets, hemoglobin, blood proteins, bone marrow, platelets, veins, spleen, and the instrument of coagulation. Such infections may incorporate hemophilia, blood clumps (clots), another draining issue, and blood diseases, for example, leukemia, different myeloma, and lymphoma. The research center work that goes into the investigation of blood is as often as possible performed by a clinical technologist or clinical lab researcher.

Cancer Clinical

Clinical Cancer Research is a peer-reviewed medical journal on oncology, including the cellular and molecular characterization, prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of human cancer, medical and hematological oncology, radiation therapy, pediatric oncology, pathology, surgical oncology, and clinical genetics. The applications of the disciplines of pharmacology, immunology, cell biology, and molecular genetics to intervention in human cancer are also included. One of the main interests of Clinical Cancer Research is on clinical trials that evaluate new treatments together with research on pharmacology and molecular alterations or biomarkers that predict response or resistance to treatment. Another priority for Clinical Cancer Research is laboratory and animal studies of new drugs as well as molecule-targeted agents with the potential to lead to clinical trials, and studies of targetable mechanisms of oncogenes is, progression of the malignant phenotype, and metastatic disease.


Surgery is a clinical forte that utilizes usable manual and instrumental strategies on an individual to research or treat an obsessive condition, for example, an infection or injury, to help improve in essence capacity or appearance or to fix undesirable cracked territories.
The demonstration of performing medical procedure might be known as surgery, activity, or essentially “medical procedure”. In this specific situation, the action word “work” signifies performing medical procedure. The modifier careful methods relating the medical procedure; for example, careful instruments or careful medical attendant. The individual or subject on which the medical Procedures is performed can be an individual or a creature. A specialist is an individual who rehearses medical procedure and a specialist’s partner is an individual who rehearses careful help. A careful group is comprised of specialists, specialist’s collaborators, anesthetists, coursing medical caretakers and careful technologists.

Infectious Disease

An Infectious Disease is a specific irregular condition that contrarily influences the structure or capacity of all or part of a creature, and that isn’t because of any prompt outer injury. Diseases are regularly known to be ailments that are related to explicit side effects and signs. A malady might be brought about by outside elements, for example, pathogens or by inside dysfunctions. For instance, inward dysfunctions of the safe framework can create a wide range of infections, including different types of immunodeficiency, extreme touchiness, hypersensitivities and immune system issues.

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