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Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports (ISSN 2639-8109)

Case reports are characterized as the logical documentation of a solitary clinical perception and have a long-established and rich custom in medication and logical distribution. Case reports are important assets of surprising data that may prompt new research and advances in clinical and clinical practice.

Case studies give an indicate of the decision-making process so that other physicians can apply lateral thinking to their own cases. These speak to a significant, opportune and significant examination configuration in propelling clinical logical information, particularly of uncommon illnesses.

The publication of latest and emerging information in such a way to pave the platform for reporting of unique, unusual and rare cases enhance understanding of the disease process.

Recently Published Articles

Open Access

Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration After Covid-19 Vaccination: A One-Year Observational Single-Center Study

Article Type: Clinical Paper | Published date: 23rd Mar 2023

Yuan J, Liu Z, Liu H and Jin X

Open Access

Safety and Efficacy of Microwave Ablation to Treat Pulmonary Nodules with Hydromorphone Versus Morphine

Article Type: Research Article | Published date: 23rd Mar 2023

Liu J

Open Access

Recurrent Pegfilgrastim-Associated Migratory Large Vessel Vasculitis in a Patient with Breast Cancer with Rare HLA Haplotype: A Case Report

Article Type: Case Report | Published date: 23rd Mar 2023

Araki K, Fujisawa T, Miyamoto T, Kawakami T, Anzai H, Horikoshi H and Yanagita Y

Open Access

Paradoxes of the Theory of Gravity

Article Type: Research Article | Published date: 23rd Mar 2023

Orlov S

Open Access

A Pre-Neoplastic Lesion: A Case Study

Article Type: Case Study | Published date: 23rd Mar 2023

Souza VLB, and Soares ALB

Open Access

Modified Elmslie-Trillat Technique for Knee Cap Dislocation: A Retrospective Study with 5 Patients and 1 Year Follow-Up

Article Type: Case Series | Published date: 15th Mar 2023

Konstantin M

Open Access

The Chinese the Asia Tallest: How and When?

Article Type: Research Article | Published date: 14th Mar 2023

Mori H, Song Y and Chen TJ

Open Access

Effect of an Intravenous Administration of Adipose-Tissue-Derived Autologous Stem Cells on the Skin Temperature of Paralyzed Limbs of Stroke Patients

Article Type: Case Report | Published date: 08th Mar 2023

Ichihashi M1, Tanaka M, Asai T, Iizuka T, Totsuka H, Fujishiro M, Yahagi S, Matsunaka H, Murakami Y, Matsuo O,Ando H, Nishikata T and Mizutani K

Open Access

A New Vision of Hearing

Article Type: Review Article | Published date: 08th Mar 2023

Jan M

Open Access

Managing Dysmenorrhoea and Chronic Pelvic Pain in Adolescence: A Guide for Clinicians

Article Type: Research Article | Published date: 06th Mar 2023

Gkrozou F, Tsonis O, Skentou C, A. Vatopoulou A and Paschopoulos M

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