18F Choline Imaging of Lymphoma

For therapeutic strategy decision early diagnosis and staging of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) is very important . Antielectron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) with fluordeoxyglucose (FDG), a aldohexose analogue, labeled with fluor-18 (18F-FDG) has been because of staging, medical aid response and prognosis in the patients. However, in some cases, 18F-FDG has shown false- -positive uptake by inflammatory reaction once chemo and/or radiotherapy. During this case report, we tend to a NHL patient evaluated with 18F-FDG and 18F-choline PET/CT scan imaging pre- and post-therapy. 18F-FDG and 18F-choline PET/CT were performed for the aim of tumour staging and have shown intense uptake in infiltrative tissue in addition as within the lymphoid tissue, however with some mismatching within the tumour. Post-treatment 18F-FDG and 18F-choline PET/ CT scans discovered no signs of radiotracer uptake, suggesting complete remission of the tumour. 18F-choline is also a complimentary tool for staging and assessment of therapeutic response in non-Hodgkin malignant neoplastic disease, whereas non-18F-FDG tracer is used for targeted medical aid and patient management…

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