Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient Treated with TNF-Alpha Inhibitors for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma : A Case Report and a Review of the Literature

Anti-TNF medicine might increase cancer risk in reaction rheumatic diseases, like arthritis, however there are no reports stating raised risk of cancer in rheumatoid spondylitis (AS). Before two years, we tend to had conferred a case with AS developing Hodgkin’s cancer following half-dozen months of Enbrel treatment. Hereby, we tend to gift another case with AS developing non-Hodgkin’s cancer (NHL), behind eleven months of Enbrel treatment. Pathological analysis unconcealed diffuse massive lymph cell NHL. though this can be a report of one case, cautious use of anti-TNF medicine is powerfully counseled as they may cause cancer development even in AS.

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