Dual Inhibitors of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase and Integrase by Development of N-3 Hydroxypyrimidine Analogs

N-3-hydroxylation of pyrimidine-2,4-diones was recently found to yield inhibitors of each HIV-1 polymerase (RT) and integrase (IN). Associate in Nursing extended series of analogues that includes a chemical group at the C-6 position of the pyrimidine ring was synthesized. Through organic chemistry studies it absolutely was found that these new analogues ar dually active against each RT and IN in low micromolar vary. Antiviral assays confirmed that these new inhibitors ar active against HIV-1 in cell culture at nanomolar to low micromolar vary, any confirmative 3-hydroxypyrimidine-2,4-diones as a viable scaffold for antiviral development

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