Infrared Spectroscopy: Importance in Lung Cancer Screening

Since the center of twentieth century infrared (IR) spectrum analysis coupled to research (IR microspectroscopy) has been recognized as a non harmful, label free, sensitive and specific analytical technique with several potential helpful applications in numerous fields of medicine analysis and particularly cancer analysis and diagnosing. though several technological enhancements are created to facilitate medicine applications of this powerful analytical technique, it’s not nevertheless properly acquire the scientific background of the many potential finish users. Therefore, to attain those basic objectives AN knowledge domain approach is required with basic scientists, spectroscopists, biologists and clinicians United Nations agency should effectively communicate and perceive every other’s needs and challenges. during this review we tend to aim at illustrating some principles of Fourier rework (FT) Infrared (IR) undulation spectrum analysis and research (microFT-IR) as a helpful technique to interrogate molecules in specimen by mid-IR radiation. 

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