Parkinson’s Disease Patients – A Critical Study of Available Evidence

Although Parkinson’s disease remains incurable, an outsized range of various treatments became accessible to enhance quality of life and physical and psychological morbidity. various journal supplements have appeared in recent years lightness one or a lot of of those and disparate treatment algorithms have proliferated. though these area unit usually quite helpful, this “mentor analysis” approach lacks the scientific rigor needed by trendy evidence-based medication standards. The Movement Disorder Society, with generous however unrestricted support from representatives of business, have, therefore, commissioned a scientific review of the literature coping with the effectivity and safety of obtainable treatments. The literature aimed towards distinguishing those treatments that there’s sound scientific support to justify their application and to focus on wherever an absence of proof points to the requirement for future clinical trials. This reviews the study methodology whereas ensuant chapters cope with specific interventions subdividing the proof below the classes of: prevention of illness progression; symptomatic management of Parkinson’s disease; prevention of motor complications; management of motor complications; and management of non motor options. on the basis of a scientific review of the information, effectivity conclusions are provided. on the basis of a narrative non-systematic approach, statements on safety of the interventions are given and eventually, a qualitative approach is employed to summarize the implications for clinical observe and future analysis. This mammoth task has taken two years to finish and also the task force members, principal authors and contributors area unit to be congratulated for his or her outstanding work. Physicians, the Parkinson’s disease analysis community and most of all patients themselves ought to welcome and embrace the salient findings of this report as a shot to enhance clinical observe. it’s hoped that this supplement can function a landmark within the treatment of Parkinson’s illness, not solely encouraging current excellence in patient care however conjointly providing guidance within the development of future analysis studies designed to fill the known gaps in our current content…

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