Spindle Cell Carcinoma Representing as a Recurrent Breast Cyst- A Rare Case

Spindle cell cancer of the breast may be a rare growth. This growth will proliferate speedily and cause cystic changes due to internal tissue death. we have evaluated a 54-year-old lady with right breast lump. diagnostic procedure showed a class four mass with a diameter 2.5 cm. Ultrasonography discovered a posh cystic lesion, and fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biological science incontestible bloody fluid and malignant cells. Partial breast surgical procedure and watcher node diagnostic test were performed. Immunohistology discovered spindle cells with positive results for cytokeratin (AE1/AE3) and vimentin, part positive results for s-100, and negative results for desmin and a-actin. The pathological stage was IIA, and organic chemistry characterization showed that the growth was triple negative. Six courses of FEC-100 therapy were administered. actinotherapy was performed. This case is mentioned with respect to the literature…

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