Substernal Goiter – A Rare Presentation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Despite the apparent low incidence of cancer pathological process to the thyroid, autopsy and clinical series recommend it’s a lot of common than typically. though respiratory organ, renal, and carcinoma ar in all probability the foremost common primary sites, variety of cancers are rumored to metastasise to the thyroid synchronously with designation of primary tumour or years once apparently curative treatment. we tend to report a rare case of a carcinoma metasatic to the thyroid. The patient conferred seven months once original designation and treatment with internal organ excision with multiple neck lesions manufacturing a mass impact on the trachea and bilateral pathology. Fine-needle aspiration disclosed extremely dysplasia cancer, and assay confirmed carcinoma. The patient received total extirpation as palliative medical aid thanks to the presence of multiple continual lesions within the liver. 

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