Issue 15 Articles
Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma – Microwave Ablation
Short Communication
Microwave ablation is a {particularly|a very|an especially} promising heat-based thermal ablation modality that has particular pertinency in treating internal organ malignancies. Microwaves will generate terribly high temperatures in terribly short time periods, doubtless resulting in improved treatment potency and bigger ablation zones. because the offered technology continues to enhance, microwave...
Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MPMRI) of the Prostate: Can We to Use this for All Men for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Short Communication
Multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging (mp-MRI) has shown promising ends up in designation, localization, risk stratification and staging of clinically important glandular carcinoma. it's conjointly unfolded opportunities for focal treatment of glandular carcinoma. mixtures of T2-weighted imaging, diffusion imaging, intromission (dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging) and chemical analysis imaging are utilized in mp-MRI assessment...
Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient Treated with TNF-Alpha Inhibitors for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma : A Case Report and a Review of the Literature
Case Report
Anti-TNF medicine might increase cancer risk in reaction rheumatic diseases, like arthritis, however there are no reports stating raised risk of cancer in rheumatoid spondylitis (AS). Before two years, we tend to had conferred a case with AS developing Hodgkin's cancer following half-dozen months of Enbrel treatment. Hereby, we tend...
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Mortality Risk in Adults with Hispanic HIV in Cart Era
Case Report
Human immunological disorder virus (HIV) infection is related to a high risk of classical Hodgkin's malignant neoplastic disease (cHL) within the combined antiretroviral medical care (cART) era. we have a tendency to analyzed the characteristics and outcome of HIV-associated cHL diagnosed within the trendy cART era. The French ANRS-CO16 Lymphovir...
Malaysia’s Paediatric Palliative Care : Past, Present and Future
Case Report
Paediatric palliative care in Malaysia is underdeveloped, however there's recent increasing awareness and interest during this speciality. In Sep 2012, the Health Minister of Malaysia launched Associate in Nursing initiative to support a nationwide provision of this service. Aim: This study aims to explore the data and observe of care...

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