Issue 6 Articles
Severe Accidental Poisoning in Children: Threat to the Safe Childhood
Case Report
Paucity of information by underreporting of accidental poisoning (AP) poses obstacle in predicting the trend, incidence, and mortality in medical specialtypopulation.Objective. Estimating the magnitude and assessing the pattern of AP in youngsters was the first objective. Describing the affected the people with people in age group, common agents, and assessment...
Technology Advancements in Radiation Oncology
Short Communication
" Radiotherapy (RT) is extremely advanced technology-driven treatment modality within the management of cancer. RT techniques have modified considerably over the past few decades, due to enhancements in engineering and computing. we have a tendency to aim to spotlight the recent developments in radiation medical specialty, specializing in the technological...
Allergy its Atopic Disorders and Hygeine Hypothesis
Based on the 'hygiene hypothesis', the decreasing incidence of infections in western countries and may others, also recently in developing countries is at the origin of the increasing incidence of each response and allergic diseases. The hygiene hypothesis relies upon epidemiologic knowledge, notably migration studies, showing that subjects migrating from...
A Semi-Synthetic Anti-Tumor Drug Obtained Through Alkylation of Major Celandine Alkaloids – Amitozyn
Case Study
Malaria which is caused by Plasmodium falciparum is that the most virulent style of protozoal infection, resulting in around a 0.5 million deaths annually. Therapy continues to be a key approach in protozoal infection hindrance and treatment. By the widespread parasite drug resistance, identification and development of recent anti-malarial compounds...
“Amount of CD34+36+ Subpopulation In Graft is a Lot of Prophetical for Time to Engraftment than CD34+ Cells Alone When Myeloablative Learning Programme in Allogeneic Transplantations of Peripheral Blood Stem Cells”
Case Report
Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) are used in the biological process somatic cell transplantation mostly in recent days. PBSCs area unit without delay collected by continuous-flow apheresis from patients and healthy donors after the administration of s.c. recombinant colony stimulating factors with solely lowest morbidity and discomfort. Although the precise...

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