Issue 2 Articles
Pulmonary Noncaseating Granuloma Associated with Inflixima- bin Crohn’s Disease: The First Case Reported in China
Case Report
Crohn's Disease (CD) is a main kind of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) whose etiology is un- clear but complex and the effective treatment is deficient. Since Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) in- hibitor used to treat CD, greatly improvement has been seen in patients' clinical symptom and living condition. However, some...
Dexmedetomidine or Clonidine: Anesthetist’s Choice in Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgeries
Research Article
Laparoscopic surgeries have revolutionized surgical domains. It involves inflation of abdomen with carbon dioxide (CO2) which alters hemodynamic and metabolic parameters. This randomized prospective study was conducted in the department of Anesthesiology, tertiary care government hospital on 48 patients undergoing diagnostic...
Pigmented Fungi Form Papilla of The Tongue – A Rare Entity
Case Report
We describe a case report of 20 years old female with pigmentation over the dorsum of the tongue since childhood. Examination of the oral cavity showed pigmentation of fungi form papilla on lateral and dorsal aspect of tongue...
Fetal Vascular Rings: Beyond The Anomalies of The Aortic Arch
Case Report
Different anomalies related to the inappropriate development of the ductus arteriosus or the aortic arch have been described, in some cases accompanied with chromosomal or morphological anomalies, and also being able to form a vascular ring that can compromise the postnatal life. For this reason...
Statistical Analysis on COVID-19
Research Article
Since receiving unexplained pneumonia patients at the Jinyintan Hospital in Wu- han, China in December 2019, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly spread in Wuhan, China and spread to the entire China and some neighboring countries. We establish the dynamics model of infectious diseases and time series model to predict...
Cutaneous Larva Migrans: A Case Report in a Traveler Child
Research Article
Cutaneous Larva Migrans (CLM) is the most common skin disease of tropical origincaused by hookworms larvae, occurring in international travelers. Typical manifestations consist of erythematous, serpiginous slightly elevated linear cutaneous lesions. We describe the case of an 8-year-old boy, with CLM infection acquired during travel to Burkina-Faso, and successfully treated...

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