Issue 10 Articles
Estimation of Serum Copper and Zinc Levels Among Tuberculosis Patients in Khartoum State

1. Abstract
1.1. Background: Trace elements play an important role in tuberculosis infection because their defi- ciencies can be associated with impaired immunity. The aim to assessment the serum copper and zinc levels among the tuberculosis patients in Khartoum state
1.2. Material: This is cross sectional study was conducted in Aboanja hospital in Khartoum state during the period from November 2016_January 2017.

Improved Surgical Treatment for Craniostenosis in Children
Case Report
1. Abstract
To analyze the craniostenosis and the characteristics of development of cranial bones in children, introduce an improved surgical treatment for craniostenosis, and evaluate its efficacy and feasibility. Three children with craniostenosis were treated by our improved surgical treatment from April 2014 to April 2016, and all of them suffered scaphocephaly caused by premature closure of sagittal suture. All the children recovered well and were followed up for six months to one year during which no rele- vant clinical symptoms occurred again.
Constitutional Symptoms Masking COVID-19 In A Patient with Primary Myelofibrosis
Case Report

Constitutional symptoms of primary myelofibrosis can mask COVID-19 infection. We present the case of a patient with primary myelofibrosis on ruxolitinib who tested positive for COVID-19 as part of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) workup. The patient was asymptomatic and took over four weeks to develop a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test. She did not test positive for COVID-19antibodies.


Microabrasion Combined with Resin Infiltration to Treat a white Spot Lesion: A Clinical Case
Case Report

1.Abstract1.1.Objective:Describe,withacasereport,thetreatmentofavestibularwhitespotlesiondueto traumatichypomineralizationinamaxillaryincisor,throughthecombineduseofmicroabrasion and resininfiltration.

Chronic Natural Killer Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders Treated with
Interferon-Α: A Case Report
Case Report

Chronic natural killer cell lymphoproliferative disorders are a hematological disorder which is characterized by the proliferation ofCD3- cytotoxic natural killer cells. So far, the pathogenesis ofCLPDNK is still unclear, and there is no consensus on the effectiveness of drug therapy. Here, we report
a case of a 52-year-old female who presented with asymptomatic and was initially diagnosed with