Issue 3 Articles
Association between Testosterone Levels and Clinical Markers of Atherosclerosis
Research Article
1.1. Objectives: To investigate the association between testosterone levels and parameters obtained from the clinical exercise stress test from 119 middle-aged Swedish men. 1.2. Material and Methods: All subjects underwent a clinical exercise stress test and data on maximal heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure; and ST-segment levels...
Nicolau Syndrome Due to Benzathine Penicillin Injection: (A Case Report)
Case Report
Nicolau Syndrome(NS) is a rare complication of intramuscular injections, which is manifested by pain, edema, and livedoid discoloration of the skin immediately after injection. The pathophysiology of the disease is uncertain, but some studies have suggested, reasons such as embolic vessel occlusion, sympathetic nerve stimulation, inflammation, or mechanical injury. In...
Congenital Non-Union of Olecranum: A Review of Literature
Review Article
Congenital non-union of the olecranum was first described by Habbe in 1942. A few authors described this anomaly in a very young patients. Only Two authors publicated the treatment of patella cubiti. Here, I document a brief review of literature.In this review, there are not figures and outcomes.
Dramatic Improvement in Dyspnea in A Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient, Following Administration of Anti-IL-6R
Case Report
1.1. Background: Currently in most Lung Cancer cases in which there is tumor progression, the molecular approach is to search for new mutations, usually utilizing circulating free DNA. There are however cases where a trauma, such as an operation, is followed by rapid tumor progression and the key for treatment...
Angiosarcoma like Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity – Report of Rare Subtype of Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Case Report
Acantholytic Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) of the oral cavity is an uncommon but well recog- nized variant of SCC and angiosarcoma like SCC is a rarer subtype of this variant. Angiosarcoma like SCC has been reported to originate in the sun exposed skin of the head and neck region. Although...