Issue 9 Articles
Dynamics of the COVID-19 Comparison between the Theoretical
Predictions and the Real Data, and Predictions about Returning to
Normal Life
Research Article

A new coronavirus disease, called COVID-19, appeared in the Chinese region of Wuhan at the end of
last year; since then the virus spread to other countries, including most of Europe. We propose a
differential equation governing the evolution of the COVID-19. This dynamic equation also describes the evolution of the number of infected people for 13 common respiratory viruses (including
the SARS-CoV-2). We validate our theoretical predictions with experimental data for Italy, Belgium
and Luxembourg, and compare them with the predictions of the logistic model. We find that our
predictions are in good agreement with the real world since the beginning of the appearance of the
COVID-19; this is not the case for the logistic model that only applies to the first days. The second part
of the work is devoted to modelling the desc


COVID-19 and Responsible Conduct of Research
Short Communication

Short Communication
COVID-19 has emerged as one of the largest pandemic of century, with 15 785 641 confirmed cases
of COVID-19, including 640 016 deaths, reported by WHO to date [1]. It has revealed that the world
was clearly not ready for the surprise. The emergency response encompassed massive efforts to ensure
health care delivery.

Ethics Review Preparedness During COVID-19 Outbreak and Local IRBs in Pakistan, The Forgotten Part
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Review Article
Current COVID-19 outbreak has shaken almost all aspects of health. Pakistan is lower middle income
country where health system is fragmented due to chronic state of underinvestment in health. Provision
of basic health care during the current COVID-19 outbreak remains daunting task. Ethics and
regulatory systems are not fully mature [1]

Factors Associated with the Duration of Viral Shedding and the Role of Lopinavir/Ritonavir in Patients with COVID-19
Research Article

1. Abstract
1.1. Objective: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) causes severe community and nosocomial outbreaks; we aimed to ascertain the duration of viral shedding through repeated nasal swabs in patients with COVID-19 and factors associated
1.2. Design: observational study


Drug Resistance, An Enemy of Targeted Cancer Therapies
Research Article

1. Abstract The success of targeted cancer therapies will depend on the uniformity of the target cells. Cancer cells mutate and potentially can alter that target, defeating that therapy. A means of computing the number of altered targets and what may be necessary to improve the probability of successful treat- ment is presented.